Rental Pricing

Wedding Package Special!

November is wide open for weddings

Low season rental cost with high season flair!

Saturday is $5,000.00 and Friday & Sunday is discounted further to $4,000.00.


Notice! December 6, 2014 is now available. Dazzle your guests with our spectacular Christmas lights & decorations!


Wedding receptions include the use of the Aldrich and Ivory dining rooms, Great Reception Hall,  Sitting Room, Formal Library, Bar, marble staircase, Grand Terrace, a bridal suite for the bride and groom (no overnight) and the grounds immediately surrounding the Mansion. A hostess will supervise the entire reception. Also furnished with no additional charge are tables, chairs and standard linens. The rental fee is for a six-hour reception at the Aldrich Estate.

Food selections are not included in the rental fee. Please call for our current menu prices.  

2014 – 2015 Rental Fees – May thru October

Saturday Dates – $8,000.00

Friday Evening and Sunday Dates – $6,000.00

    2014 – 2015 Off Season Rental Fees - November thru April 

Saturday Dates – $5,000.00

Friday Evening and Sunday Dates - $4,000.00


Catholic Wedding Service at OLP Chapel   2014- 2015   $2,000.00

*** Consider hosting your Rehearsal Dinner here as well!***

Social Gatherings

 Social events such as bridal and baby showers, anniversary parties and

family gatherings are allowed a four hour use of the Mansion.
Please call for Rates

Total capacity for the Aldrich Mansion is 230 guests.  The Aldrich Dining Room and the Ivory Dining room will hold 100 people each with an additional 30 people on the adjoining enclosed porch.                   

A word about alcoholic beverages:

Alcoholic beverages are not available through the Mansion; however, persons renting the facilities have permission to bring in their own alcoholic beverages. All non-alcoholic beverages, glasses and bar fruit are supplied by the mansion for a fee of $3.00 per person.  When bartenders are required, they are contracted through the Mansion and payment is made directly to the bartender(s).

It is the policy of the Mansion that such beverages be consumed with moderation. The management reserves the right to deny any groups or individuals this privilege.